Italian Activist kidnapped in Gaza

Αναδημοσίευση από Freedom Flotilla

This is a short video released today 14-4-2011, show you certainly how the Islamic salafeet kidnaps the Italian activist and journalist Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni 36 years old in response to the Palestinian government in Gaza who arrested the salafeet group’s leader, “Abu al-Walid Almaqdisi”.

The Islamic salafeet group demanded in a video released by the famous YouTube website, broadcast on Thursday evening, the government in Gaza for the immediate release “Hisham Sueidani” widely known by “Abu al-Walid Almaqdisi” the group’s leader in the Gaza Strip, in exchange for the release of Italian journalist, “Victor” according to the Video claim.

The group said it would give the Haniyeh government 30 hours starting at eleven AM on Thursday to free their leader and if not, Victor will be threatened with death unless Hamas releases a radical Salafi leader..

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